Upgrade from Windows 7 NOW!

Most dealerships are still running Windows 7 workstations and in just a few months, that will become very dangerous to your network! 

Act now! Do you have your Windows 7 Replacement Plan in progress?


Microsoft has announced "End of Life" at the end of the year for Windows 7.  What does that mean?  Microsoft will not be developing anymore updates for Windows 7 and without constant security updates, your network will be a prime candidate for penetration!

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So why is this so important? The last day for Windows 7 updates and bug fixes that help keep your workstations and network secure and reliable is January 13th, 2020. Less than a year away Microsoft will stop patching your Windows 7 machines.

So what is the rush? Well, I am willing to say that a good portion of your network is filled with Windows 7 machines. Some of the dealerships that we manage may have just 60 workstations with a mix of Windows 10 (current version) and Windows 7. But we also manage groups that have hundreds of machines. Dealer Tech has already sent out a replacement strategy to the groups we manage, but if your dealerships are not managed by us, give us a call today and we can schedule a demo / meeting to show you what Dealer Tech has been doing for years.

Can you imagine trying to upgrade and purchase / implement to Windows 10 in November or December if you are one of the larger groups?

What Dealer Tech is recommending is to start now and take an inventory of the workstations that you have. This can be done very quickly with a network scan or smaller groups can actual do a physical count. We suggest then creating a priority list of your Windows 7 machines and break this down in quarters. For instance, your inventory list is 200 workstations, 100 of them are Windows 7.

Take the 100 Windows 7, who needs to be replaced first and divide your count into 4 goal dates or just 25 machines per quarter. Your goals should be end of March, end of June, end of September and December 31st. This would be a much more manageable strategy than trying to do this all at the same time.

The risks of not upgrading. Sure your Windows 7 machines will continue to work but systems running Windows 7 will become vulnerable to un-patched security risks within the OS and also the applications it runs. Many people love Windows 7 but there are literally thousands of malware and viruses that are introduced each day! If one of your machines gets infected it will quickly spread through folder shares, emails and possibly compromising your customer data.

Dealer Tech recommends replacing and upgrading early. We believe that towards the end of the year, workstations will be a premium and there will be shipping delays because of a lack of inventory.

If your dealerships are not managed currently, Dealer Tech would be happy to meet with you and discuss what we do and how we can help. We believe you will be very surprised by our pricing. We have a support center in Richmond, Virginia but take care of dealerships throughout the U.S.. Call Dealer Tech today, 804.708.0503, and let's get the ball rolling!

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