Englewood, NJ - Lincoln and Volvo Acquisition

One of our New Jersey Dealer Groups acquired a Volvo and Lincoln store and needed us to get them operational.

This is just PHASE 1, the Dealer Group wanted their network secure with new Internet, content filters, firewall, switches, wireless, VOIP phones and a quick cable clean-up.  ZERO DOWN-TIME!  PHASE 2, which will be in a few months, when they will be demolishing walls and a completely new layout. 

Dealer Tech will come back out and set a proper Network room.  The actual Network room now will be moved from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor of this 3 story dealership.

Is a remodel in your future.  Call Dealer Tech to help you plan out this move and take the worry out of technology!



Receptionist Area

Lincoln Side
Future Lincoln Showroom

Future Volvo Showroom
Future Volvo Showroom

Prior Volvo Showroom
Prior Volvo Showroom

Hallway to Parts / Accounting
Hallway to Parts / Service

Finance Offices
Finance Offices

New Wireless Access Points

One of the Network Closets

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