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Founded 1991, Specializing In Automotive Dealership Network Support

If you are a big national dealership chain with hundreds of dealerships or a single point dealership, we would be happy to be your technology partner!  We have the foundation, experience and expertise to handle all sizes of dealership groups at a phenomenal price!  We are partnered with the best manufacturers and can pass the savings on to you.  We have a support center / call center in Delaware and also field service techs located throughout the U.S.. We support both Car and Heavy Truck Dealerships.  We work with all DMS's, CRM's, Website providers and other outside vendors for dealerships.

New server installations, rolling out brand new dealerships and converting old ones, we have hundreds under our belt and we can help you too! 

You already have I.T. Staff?  Many dealerships recognized the need to have an I.T. Support person on their staff and with dealership operations and training predominately web-based we understand why!  Many of our clients have I.T. staff in place. Dealer Tech works very well with existing internal I.T., we can help with larger projects or just be there when you require our expertise / software that your staff cannot provide. 

We can monitor your Network for service failures, intrusions, content filtering, down time, employee usage, virus detection, malware, spyware, spam and customize reporting.  We also offer remote repairs and full server configurations.  We can schedule regular visits from our field support teams, on-site repairs as needed and installations of servers, workstations and peripherals.
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